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Actually get and stay fit without exercising for hours on end…

6 Keys to Sustainable Fat Loss for Active Women

This is for you if you’re ready to:


  • Not sacrifice your favorite foods but still lose body fat

  • Increase your energy without pumping up on caffeine

  • Reduce your stress and become more connected to yourself to help your life all around


About Your Coach

Through my experiences as a personal trainer and former bikini competitor, I wanted to learn how to achieve permanent body composition changes without weight training, cardio and meal prepping being my second job. I know my clients want the same, so I use my knowledge and experience to teach sustainable lifestyle changes and habits with a holistic lens - focusing on client's fitness, nutrition, overall health, lifestyle and stress management. I want to help clients achieve healthy, long-lasting results rather than excessively exercising and crash dieting.

During both my time in the fitness industry and through my own self-development, I have found a stunning interest in mind-body medicine - particularly in the connection between past emotional and physical traumas and current day health and well-being. Trauma of any sort impacts our mind and body - through measures and aspects such as blood pressure, heart rate, posture, senses, and self-image. With this in mind, we can use the body as a tool to help restore or improve these factors. Strength training, mindful movement and fitness are methods through which we may improve heart health, feel more grounded and energetic, allow us to better manage stress, and create feelings of power, strength, stability and resilience.

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