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"Katie brings the commitment and passion of a true athlete and the motivational and communication skills of a great teacher and coach to every workout. She has a deep knowledge of physical fitness and stays informed on the latest trends with a holistic approach to continuing education. She has challenged me to do my best and under her watchful eye my fitness has improved leaps and bounds."


"Buckle up, because Katie Mack is more than just your average trainer. Should you decide to make the important decision of investing in your health, you will get more than just a nice rump. Your investment decision will pay dividends to not only your well-being, but also your happiness and overall mental health. I initially hired Katie back in 2013 to help me reach my wedding goals within a tight deadline of just six months. I was lucky enough to get matched with her at a top-performing gym in NYC. We've worked together since, and I am so thankful for that original serendipitous meeting. Katie has challenged me, pushed me outside of my comfort zone and also indulged in the things that are important to me as her client, such as mental health and mindfulness. It's been an honor to watch Katie continue to build her expertise and knowledge, she is truly passionate about fitness and seeing her clients evolve. Her unique sense of humor is an added bonus as she pushes you to new levels. I was thrilled with my results and have remained her client ever since."


"Katie worked with me through both of my pregnancies. She helped me safely build strength throughout all the prenatal stages. I credit Katie with how healthy, strong and energetic I felt throughout my pregnancies."

-Lily Hayes


"Katie is a top-notch trainer! I not only feel great, but I have lost weight, my body is tighter and stronger and my clothes fit better. Katie is professional, knowledgeable and fun!  She tailors my workout to meet my goals and uses diagnostics along the way to gauge my progress in various areas."


"Katie is an excellent trainer. I had stopped working out for 5 years before I met Katie and had a hard time going back. I decided to get myself a trainer and that is how I met Katie. She made the training fun and had me always motivated. She is very patient and she definitely knows her stuff. She also helped me with keeping a better diet and that has helped me a lot. The diet helped me to keep lean but most important eat healthier. Katie, you are the best!!"


"Katie is amazing! Professional, funny, motivating and encouraging!!! I hate the gym scene, but working with Katie drowned out all of my fears and I was able to lose 15 lbs in 2 months , tone up and looked Fabulous on my wedding day!!! Not many trainers are able to brighten your day with a smile and encouraging words like Katie can! Her knowledge of physical fitness is astonishing!!!"


"It was such a great experience having Katie as my trainer. She was always very supportive, friendly and energetic. I was worried I’d get someone who was a drill sergeant, but that was not the case. I was always excited to meet her for our appointments, because I knew I’d be challenged, get a great workout, and have fun with it. I would always leave feeling stronger and more focused on my goals. I still use her exercise circuits to this day. I look forward to training with her again, and I would definitely recommend her to others."


"Katie is a very professional trainer; she is the best in training and nutrition support...she helped me to make my body strong and lean, she gave me an important motivation to change my life!!"


katie mack personal trainer doing deadlift


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